you can't fool
mother nature.

Access to the office building, the working hours of the employees in a company, the family silver in the villa on the outskirts, the company secrets on the hard drive in the boss's office or the vintage loom chairs on the mahogany corner of a yacht - there are many valuables that are worth protecting with a security solution from JERRA. On the following pages, you will find useful information about Personal Recognition Systems, Time & Attendance, Access Control and everything related to it. Here is the door to our experience in biometrics, open to you.

Access Control






Here are the advantages of Jerra
Fingerprint Solutions one by one.

Registering finger scans,
also decentralized

ideal for companies with branches or branch offices, registering finger scans over the Internet is possible worldwide

simple and intuitive
to use

popular because it's easily understood, quickly learned and accustomed to

with many systems

adapts to requirements of a company, interfaces to almost all IT, door, and security systems


grows with the company into all of its branches, and is additionally modified for clients' wishes


fingerprints don't lie, they are extremely reliable when it comes to identifying who, where and when

Easy to install
and maintain

experts are not needed with our system that can be managed intuitively and with the help of the easy-to-understand instruction manual which is provided

data protection

the recorded fingerprint scan is stored as an encrypted number code, which no one can reproduce

Misuse is
not possible

"to be stamped for approval" belongs to yesterday, as well as paying the apprentice for what the master should have done

No more ID cards

thus reducing the administrative burden once again, however we also issue badges and cards when desired